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Guess What “Cane Sugar” Is?

“Cane sugar” is having a little moment, especially in the beverage market. Several ̶…[more]

HAH! Don’t Want To Be an I-Told-You-So…

At the beginning of the year, I posted about telomeres, their importance to longevity, and the new p…[more]

How To Say This Without Being Political?

I have for nearly 20 years now resolutely kept my politics out of my writing regarding low carb diet…[more]

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What I’ve Learned About Pressure Cooking

I’ve been working on low carb/keto pressure cooker recipes. To be honest, I started doing this…[more]

Truth In Advertising

As you know, I am acutely aware of food ads, the weasel words and the bait-and-switch they so often …[more]

On Sugar and Slavery

    Steeped as we are in Civil War history, not to mention Hollywood images of the Old Sou…[more]

“Clean” and Other Buzz Words

Long-time readers know that I pay close attention to food advertising, partly because I write about …[more]

Valentine’s Day

The longer I do this, the more I feel I write about the same things over and over. But then, so does…[more]


Just recently I’ve had several queries about dealing with stress eating. Coincidentally, IR…[more]