Regarding My Telomeres

Back in January I wrote about telomeres, and my plan to conduct an n=1 experiment to see if I could lengthen mine. The first step, of course, was to get my telomeres tested so that I would have a baseline for comparison. I bought a telomere testing kit from a company called Titanovo, and sent in my buccal swabs.  It took a good six weeks or so, but I was pleased with the results of that test. I started taking cycloastragenol, purported to be a telomerase activator, as soon as I sent in my test kit. I had purchased a six-month supply, and therefore ran out in July. I went back to the Titanovo website, planning to order another test kit, only to discover that they had been slapped with a patent infringement suit they lacked the funds to defend, and were therefore out of business.


I have looked at Teloyears, the biggest telomere testing company — and also the cheapest. They use a blood drop rather than a buccal swab, and apparently get results that differ radically from buccal swab testing. I have no way of knowing which is more accurate. I have also found another company, Viamedex, just $10 more, that uses a buccal swab as Titanovo did. They might be closer to Titanovo’s results, but again, I have no good way of knowing.

It looks like I’m going to have to start the whole damned experiment again — new test, and another 6 months of cycloastragenol, followed by a retest — to see if this thing has any validity. So y’all need to run out and buy all my books right away so I can afford this. 😉