HAH! Don’t Want To Be an I-Told-You-So…

At the beginning of the year, I posted about telomeres, their importance to longevity, and the new promise of telomerase activators, which appear to be able to quite literally reverse aging. That is, of course, an alluring idea. This long-time health geek could not resist. So when my very generous father-in-law gave me a big ol' Amazon gift card for Christmas, I ordered six months' supply of cycloastragenol.
I was, however, determined not to fly blind — I wanted to know whether my $330 worth of a new supplement actually did anything. So before I started taking cycloastragenol, I ordered a telomere test, did a cheek swab (two, actually — it's redundant for accuracy), and sent it in. I figured that way I could take my cycloastragenol for six months, test again, and see if it actually had lengthened my telomeres.

In the article I wrote at the time, I wrote, “Cycloastragenol aside, I will be interested to know how my telomere length compares to others in my age group. I have long suspected that a low carb diet has anti-aging effects — it certainly reduces glycation and wear and tear on the vascular and nervous systems. It will be interesting to know if it also has, to some degree, protected my telomeres.”

Well, today I know. It took a couple of months, but the results of my telomere test are posted. Since you are a few thousand of my nearest and dearest friends, I see no reason not to share them with you.

I may be 58, but I have the telomeres of a 47-year-old. Heck, my telomeres are so long they are in the “Caution — Possibly Too Long” zone — but right after that caution, they say, “Science has yet to determine exactly what being an outlier means, but we do know it’s associated with increased longevity.”

I'll take it. And that “caution” is not going to stop me from trying to lengthen my telomeres still further.

But as it is, I take this as striking evidence that my long-time pursuit of health is paying off, big time. You can keep your Krispy Kremes and Doritos. I'll take being biologically 11 years younger than my birth certificate says every time and twice on Sunday.

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  1. I tried your link to see your results, but the DNA Lifestyle site just gives a Sign-in page. Maybe you could take a screen shot of your results and post that?

  2. Could you give me your advice on how to up fat in my low carb eating. My husband does not do low carb, so I cook with fat free cheeses, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, low fat cream cheese, fat free sour cream to name some changes I make to low carb eating. No butter, only olive oil, no heavy whipping cream, only low carb Hood milk. I eat no fruit, but my husband does.

    So this is the only way I can keep my weight down and my husband is trying to lose weight for health reasons, since the high fat, low carbs did not work for him.

    My energy level is very low and I’m thinking I need to up something, maybe fats?

    I’m looking for your opinion. I just found your site and thought I’d ask, since I don’t know who else to ask.

    I have started reading through your archives to see if there is anything there.

    Thank you for any advice you can provide me.

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