Truth In Advertising

As you know, I am acutely aware of food ads, the weasel words and the bait-and-switch they so often use. But I just now saw an ad that told a home truth. It asked “Why do you snack? Because you have nothing better to do?”

It turned out to be an ad for almonds, a fine food, saying that you did have something better to do — implying both that you could be out having fun, and that almonds are better for you than most things in the snack aisle. Nice ad for a fine food.

It also points up a home truth: We often eat out of boredom. Feeling at loose ends? Time for a snack. Not to go for a walk, or grab a book, or spend 15 minutes cleaning out the coat closet. It’s so much easier to eat.

The food industry has trained us well.

Next time you find yourself unconsciously grabbing a handful of something — even something low carb and nutritious — ask yourself the simple question “Am I hungry, or just bored?”

If your stomach doesn’t feel empty, you know the answer. Go do something else.