31: Thanksgiving Pep Talk – Dare to say ‘No thank Bay Light

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9 Replies to “31: Thanksgiving Pep Talk – Dare to say ‘No thank Bay Light”

  1. Two ‘no thank yous’ and I move on to “Is there a part of no thank you you don’t understand?” If they are offended, so be it. Maybe you get to have Thanksgiving with someone else next year. 🙂 The older I get, the less patience I have with this type of conversation.

  2. I’ve actually used the “I prefer sex to eating/drinking” line several times – very effective with a deadpan delivery. Makes it easy to change the subject!

    1. Hah! You think you get that reaction. I’m assuming from your name that you’re a guy. It’s perceived as even more in-your-face from a woman. But then, one of my more outstanding personality traits is my willingness to say just about anything to just about anyone. (Since my ADD diagnosis last winter, I have an excuse for this: Blame it on “verbal impulsivity.”)

  3. Great post! I always spend Thanksgiving alone, and after listening to this podcast, I feel even better for doing so. After having a stent recently placed in a heart vessel, I am even more committed to adhering to the LC way of life. In addition, 80% of the family still smokes and I just can’t stand to breathe in that second hand smoke anymore.
    Nibbling on dry out turkey breast and sipping cold water is not my idea of a fun day with the family!

  4. I’m recently struggling to keep the 100 lbs I lost off. This hit home with me and I’m printing it and puting it my purse to re-affirm my stance!! Thank you so much!!

    1. Thanks, Tim! Dana has been working hard on 500 Paleo Recipes (due for release on or before December 1, 2012), and hasn’t had time to be podcasting lately. However, we are back from the low-carb cruise, and looking forward to producing some exciting new podcasts this month!

  5. i have just stumbled accross your blog… i need it so badly. after years of low-carb dieting, and falling “off the wagon”, it has inspired me to once and for all get back on the program that not only works for losing weight, but makes me feel good. of course i have already invited friends for thanksgiving dinner… hummm will have to re-think my menu, but there will be a diabetic at the table and i can dedicate the low-carb menu to her. let the others go home and cook the treats that they will be missing at my table. thank you… you have inspried me. sherry

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