28: Net Carbs, Gluten-Free Living LED Parking

LED Parking Lot LightLED lights parking lot lights, the following is your detailed answer.

In the manufacturing process of LED parking lot lights, sealants and adhesives are needed, which can improve the integrity of the internal structure of the lamp and improve the performance of resisting environmental impact and moisture, thereby ensuring the safety factor of the LED lamp and reducing failures. .


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  1. Crunchy (and usually salty) snacks:
    1. I make pepperoni chips by putting pepperoni on a paper plate and microwaving for 30 seconds to a minute. Then I blot with paper towels and let cool a little. They are crunchy & GOOD!!!!
    2. Crispy bacon
    3. Pork rinds (with cinnamon and sweetener)
    4. Your crunchy chicken skins—but they go too fast and I LOVE skin on my chicken so I don’t get many that I can just use for skins
    5. Grated cheese melted on parchment paper in the microwave—i usually add salt to those.
    6. Nuts
    7. raw broccoli & cauliflower are now the substitute for potato chips in my husband’s lunch—(he has been doing low/lower carb now for 2-3 months and he has lost 20 lbs. NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!)
    Love your show, Dana Carpender!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Question about Jimmy: If he’s so awesome, can you explain why opinion on his blog is so heavily moderated/censored? And if one disagrees with him one too many times, one will get summarily banned. Simple as that. If he’s so confident about the mission and underpinnings of the LLVLC franchise – and that’s what it is – then he should have the guts to stand up to dissenting opinion. He doesn’t.

    1. Jimmy allows all kinds of dissenting opinions, but if you aren’t engaging in a conversation and just keep saying the same thing ad nauseam or take a combative or rude tone, you are not contributing and you are going to lose the privilege of posting.

      Oh, and it isn’t that he blocks comments from lots of people, just the 10 or so who happen to have your exact IP address.

  3. Dana, I only just discovered your podcasts, though I’ve been enjoying your books for years. This was the first episode I heard, and I loved it! Keep up the great work, your contributions to the low-carb world are really informative, helpful and encouraging (and as a chronic wagon-faller-offer, I need all the encouragement I can get). 😉

  4. Dana,
    So glad to find you. I have done hcg and know it like the back of my hand but it isn’t permanent for me…I gain back…so I now know it is low carb for life and I’m beginning the uphill swim!!!
    I am so curious about hcg w/fat fast. I too am under the opinion that hcg effect is canceled by fat ingesting…although I have had an experience w/eating pork ribs while on hcg without weight gain.Now I want to know more…can you keep sharing?

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