19: Label Reading 101; Mockahlua, LED Linear High

LED Linear High BayLED linear high bay lights are highly efficient lighting, our company has various certifications. Prevent astigmatism. So everyone can buy with confidence.

The linear LED lights are made of aerospace aluminum, resulting in a compact and thick housing.



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  1. Hi Dana, great podcast. I listen every week, but there is something about Jimica that I found out when you freeze it then cook it, it holds water. You can drain it, strain it, pat it down with paper towels, it still holds water. I like it to make Jimica salad (call it what it is) or Jimica fries. I haven’t tried Jimica browns yet but I will.It took awhile boiling it after it was frozen to get done enough to make Jimica salad.
    If you ever have the time would you please speak about the Sodium Nitrates in cured foods. I have stopped eating anything with that in it. It does get expensive, but worth it in the long run. Thanks again Dana for all you do and your cookbooks.

  2. Hey Dana,
    I gotta say, I am an avid low carb cookbook reader and yours are always my favorites. Yup, I’m the girl sitting by the pool with the cookbook, the sticky notes and the highlighter. Total low carb geek–and proud of it. Your first book started me out on a low carb journey during which I lost 40 pounds. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked by the alarmist naysayers and gained back 30 pounds. I went back to being tired and moody. Not to mention the old comments began, “You have such a pretty face.” (Talk about a backhanded compliment!) A few years ago, I slapped myself on the forehead (a real V8 moment) and realized I didn’t have to struggle anymore–I already knew what worked. So why not go back to what made me feel good and look good to boot? I got going and with a few bumps along the way, am now a healthy size 6 at 5 feet 6 inches. Last December, we discovered both my girls were very sensitive to gluten. My 8 year-old had been having stomach pains for several years which the doctors were unable to diagnose. My 13 year-old was on her 3rd round of hives and testing revealed thyroid antibodies. Immediately, we went gluten-free. My husband, who has been having stomach problems since childhood, reluctantly came on board and immediately he and my 8 year-old stopped having all stomach problems. Another V8 moment struck and I realized if I am eating low carb for my health, why am I feeding all those nasty carbs to my family? So, being the one who buys the groceries and prepares the meals, we became a low carb family. My girls still eat in season fruit and get a few more carbs here and there than I do, but they have both taken off their pudgy bellies and are so much more active. Even my carb-loving, come kicking-and-screaming husband eats mostly low carb now that he sees the benefits. Hooray! Thank you, Dana, for being the inspiration and for fulfilling your mission from God! I buy all your books(and then rebuy when I give them to friends and family) because I choose to support you in your efforts because it really is just supports me in my efforts. Thank you forever! And, by the way, we took family portraits a few weeks back and the studio now has our pictures hanging up there. They said that they were waiting for a “beautiful” family to come in. The best part is, it’s not just our faces. We are all sitting together and there are no bellies hanging out and no pudge in sight!
    Thanks Dana,
    p.s. to a very long note: I’m 45 years old and have dieted since I was 8. Literally. So, if I can do this and get my family on board, anybody can!!

  3. My favorite 2 ways to eat jicama are as a hash brown substitute and in chip form. Every so often I get a bug to have jicama chips so I buy a mess of them (20 pounds?
    ), peel and slice them REEEEAL thin and deep fry ’em. They come out of the fryer kinda floppy but crisp right up as they cool. A little sweet, a bit salty and crunchy…in other words, addictive!

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