14: Attention Deficit, The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg, Easter Leftovers and More!

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Episode 14 has a load of great stuff! First off, the new (revised) book — 300 15 Minute Low Carb Recipes — is available from Amazon.com. Next up, Dana tells the story of the long-undiagnosed disorder that explains all of her other health issues! Also, How great are eggs? You can do so much with them. Dana has some tips and ideas. Also, what on earth can you do with all those darned Easter leftovers? We’ve got a solution or two for you, folks.



300 15 Minute Low Carb Recipes (Amazon)


Jewish Friends with Diabetes:  http://www.friendswithdiabetes.org


2 Replies to “14: Attention Deficit, The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg, Easter Leftovers and More!”

  1. Dana, Great show, have heard of “The Wiley protocol”? In a recent podcast on BTR: Underground Wellness, TS Wiley discusses PCOS sounds similar to what you are experiencing, you may want to check this out. She has several books on this that may be of interest to you:)

  2. Hi Dana, I made the French Silk pie mentioned on one of your podcasts for Easter. I used your almond meal crust and substituted a 1/2 cup sugar alcohol (I put it in the blender for a few second to make it like powder sugar) and 1/4 cup Splenda for the 3/4 cup of sugar that was called for. It was great. So I had your artichoke heart and spinach dip with pork rinds and veggies before the meal while we socialized. Pigged out on the ham and green beans for supper and topped off the day with french silk pie for desert. When I got home my blood sugar was only 86.

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