13 – Overcoming Colds and Plateaus… and More!

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Episode 13 features great tips on overcoming a cold without breaking your plan, going cold turkey, low-carb beverage consumption, and a very important instrallment of Listener’s Voices on dealing with plateaus! DO not miss this fantastic episode!

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6 Replies to “13 – Overcoming Colds and Plateaus… and More!”

  1. Hi Dana,
    Love you and your show. I have purchased many of your books and prize each one.
    I have an idea for a possible segment on the show. For many of us loosing weight is not the issue (believe it or not). I have a problem keeping my weight up, and keeping my blood sugar stable, while following the Low-Carb lifestyle…I know it is a dicey balancing act..but important for us with high blood sugar challanges. Any ideas would be appreciated…
    Thanks…and keep on podcasting, we will be listening

  2. Dana –
    Thanks so much for your response and suggestions regarding plateau busting. Ironically, the day after I left the message on your recorder, I broke my plateau! You’re magical! LOL. Well, I didn’t break a hole in the floor…but the scale did move downward and my motivation has been restored. I believe part of the reason for the breakthough was my toy-ing around with Intermittent fasting. Let’s just say I’ve been pretty desperate. I tried not eating for several hours at a time (6-8 hours) for a day here, then a day there. Perhaps that helped?? Don’t know what really happened all I know is I’m back on my way! Thanks again! Carol – Detroit

  3. Dana, I love the podcast except for one thing. I listen while I’m I;m working out so i have the volume up fairly high. Even so, there are times when you speak so low that I can not hear what you are saying. It would really be helpful if you had a more even volume. Thanks, Sue

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