Dr. Atkins Remembered, Glycemic Index vs. Load, Recipes and MORE! (ep. 12)

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Episode 12 of Dana’s Low-Carb For Life! is full of goodies this week, folks. First off, Dana has a rant about the persistent lies being circulated about Dr. Atkins‘ death, eight years ago. What a shame that people are still trying to drag him down even though science has since vindicated the healthy, low-carb way of eating.

Next up, what’s the difference between the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load? Is it an important distinction?

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You bet! Finally, who has the best Easter and Passover recipes? You do! Listen in for some scrumptious listener-volunteered favorites in Listener Voices!

5 Replies to “Dr. Atkins Remembered, Glycemic Index vs. Load, Recipes and MORE! (ep. 12)”

  1. First off…. I totally agree..
    I feel sorry for the misguided fools that will not read and understand what he was doing to help everyone and save many lives.. Over the years..I have gotten and kept every book he wrote.. just for the wonderful knowledge in them..I also have your cookbook from long long ago..I still refer to now…it took me a long time and gastric bypass to come to the point of living totally low carb..but it for me is the best and only way to go and the best part is… I eat better, than the ones that think I DO WITHOUT~~~ NOT ME..I love it…
    Dr. Atkinks Was a leader in his field.. and to me still is today..
    so Miss Dana rant all you want ..Sister I will back you all the way..
    thank you for all you do also………

  2. I have diabetes and congestive heart failure, so see drs. frequently. My primary care physician, my cardiologist, and my endocrinologist all recommend and support the Atkins WOE.

  3. I think it is ludicrous that people would expect that a low-carb diet is going to prevent any and all medical problems as we age. It can help us to live better and healthier lives. It is not going to prevent us from ever having a medical problem. Dr. Atkins did some great things to help us and the fact that he had a cardiac issue in his last years, does not negate that.

  4. Now, I think maybe I didn’t say enough. I think low-carb is great. I think that people who use the fact that Dr. Atkins died as proof that the low-carb eating is faulty are idiotic.

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