Laurie Cagnassola Part 2, Low-Carb History and More! (Ep 9)

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In episode 9, Dana drops a bit of low-carb history on us, rants about the “potato fixation” that accompanies St. Patrick’s Day, responds to a listener’s phone message (Have you called yet? Why NOT?) and shares the conclusion of her interview with Laurie Cagnassola of the Nutrition and Metabolism Society ( Be warned, part 2 has the same audio defects as part 1 did in Episode 8. Sorry, and Dana swears the next one will be better, OR ELSE!

Special thanks, as usual, to our most excellent sponsor, CarbSmart. If it’s Low-Carb and you need it, they’ve got it!

One Reply to “Laurie Cagnassola Part 2, Low-Carb History and More! (Ep 9)”

  1. Hi Dana,
    I am a Splenda user, however I am concerned about how it is made and what complications this will lead to in the future. I have tried Truvia but found it to be very bitter. I have used a product called “Greens to Go” and it is sweetened with Stevia and it is very good. I have also used xylitol and although it is good it is very expensive compared to Splenda. I used Equal for years but I developed a balance issue that I think came from the Equal. I also have PCOS and have all the symptoms that go with it. I am enjoying your podcast, the interviews and the other information you give us. Keep up the good work. Lyne, Pensacola, FL

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