Thumbs Down to the USDA, Net Fiber LED Wall Pack

LED Wall Pack LightWe can see that after upgrading the LED wall light, the light no longer scatters glare, and the cutting line is also very obvious. The paving on the brightness is relatively uniform, and the view is very clear. Directly better, better outdoors, better eyes

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  1. Today is the first time I heard your show and I liked it. I would like to give my favorite low-carb convenience food. I found this recipe on a low-carb site a few years back, but low carbing again is my New Year’s goal. The recipe is for a “magic muffin”. It takes the place of bread and with a little extra Splenda, becomes my cake. Here is the recipe.
    1/4 c ground flax (I use the golden flax)
    1 pkg Splenda
    1 t. baking powder
    1 t. cinnamon (optional)
    1 t. melted butter
    1 beaten egg

    What I do is mix the dry ingredients together and keep it in a air-tight container. When I want to make it, I melt the butter in a soup cup or coffee mug. I add the beated egg to the butter and then the dry ingredients, stirring well. I microwave the cup for 1 minute (at high power). The timer rings and its ready! I thump it out of the cup, wait a moment and its ready to slice or whatever. I let the empty cup cool slightly and soak it because the residue sticks like cement in the cup once it cools!

  2. What a fun little recipe. Whipped a a simple tuna salad put it on the bread, a little mozzarella cheese on top and in the toaster oven. A tasty lunch. And gluten free on top of it.

  3. Just lisented to all your podcasts on a long drive to las vegas and back. Yes very very good stuf. I have been mostly low carbing since 1998. My favorite fast food protein is CostCo Deli Chicken. I have added 10 lbs in a few years with stress and menopause and wanted to go back to basics. You are just the extra help i needed. ThankYou Sandy

    1. I do a right-click on “Right-click to Download” (not the brown widget with the Play button), then Save link as…, select a location and OK. Seems to work. Are you unable to get it to play after downloading?

  4. My goodness! Carmen, that is one seriously good muffin recipe! It tastes very close to a bran muffin! The only difference is I used 2 pkts of Truvia instead of the listed Splenda. I plan on having one for breakfast tomorrow with a little SF maple butter!

    Dana, I’m trying to catch up on your podcasts! I’ve been low-carbing off and on for a number of years and this is exactly what I needed! I’ve lost 60 pounds and I’ve been stuck in a 3 pound range for a few months now. I limit myself to 20-25 carbs a day and could easily lose another 50 or 60 lbs. What do you think about the ChocoPerfection chocolate bars and the new Quest bars? I recently picked up your 15 Minute Low Carb Recipes book- any favorites from there? My current favorite convenience food- Fage Total plain yogurt with a little Peach or Coconut SF Torani syrup and Truvia… often with a few blueberries or a sliced strawberry. Mmmmm! My go-to snack when I am absolutely starving and flying out the door is hard salami.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this podcast!

    1. JenH,
      I just made a batch of homemade yogurt “a la dana style”. I used the fage yogurt as the starter and it is even thicker than the original fage and cheap.Perfect combination!!!

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