We're in iTunes now!

Thanks for holding out for our acceptance into the iTunes Podcast Directory; we’ve finally made it! All of us working with Dana are thrilled and ready to take it by storm. Here are the deets:

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/danas-low-carb-for-life/id416877191

Here’s what we’re asking you to do: Please, PLEASE go to the above link and leave a comment or review of this show and Dana’s work in general, then subscribe. The more of you that do this, the better our chances of getting Dana in the New and Notable section at iTunes, and that means more subscribers. More subscribers means we can keep going with this show and that Dana can help more and more people!

If you are a Windows user, iTunes is a free download available from Apple.

Update (by Eric): “Help! How do I install iTunes or subscribe or sign in to leave a review???” I hear you cry! Here is a help page that gives some quick-start instructions on iTunes.

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  1. Love the podcast. Two questions, is there a benefit of doing low carb with Alli? Also, any thoughts on low carb and a vegatarian diet, my daughter is a vegetarian.

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